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Our goal is to actively partner with you in building your vision for just the right flowers and style details, and then translate that vision into a stunning reality.

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401 Smythe Street
Greenville, SC 29611

(864) 420-2956


About Willow Florals

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The picture above—the calm after the storm, the lights, the company we keep, enjoying good food around a table of friends: this is the life I live in Greenville, and I love it. Sometimes I get down about our small town and limited resources; but in other ways I love that everyone knows (almost) everyone else. And our little city is growing every day.

I opened Willow Florals in 2010, but wasn’t doing it full time until late 2012. In that time I have rented a studio, worked up to part-time employees, have booked over 40 weddings a year, and have gotten to work on some pretty cool projects like The Maker’s Summit, a magazine shoot for At Home Magazine, and the florals for a new book from Knack Studios. Weddings are still my main gig, but working on these other projects is fun and collaborative. 

I love cake, international travel shows, solo dancing and family. And not necessarily in that order. :) 

—Julie Dodds