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The Untidy Garden Blog

Wallpaper and Design Love

Julie Dodds

I have wanted to put up wallpaper for the last few years. I haven't done it for a couple of reasons. Cost is the main one. Most really unique wallpapers are expensivo. You try to calculate how much you need, and inevitably the square footage of your walls is WAY more than you think. Another reason I have delayed wallpapering is that my husband also knows that I like to change things up on the reg. He has worries (probably legitimately) that my wallpaper design choice will not have longevity. I fall hard and fast sometimes. 

Well I came across Cavern, and they have some pretty cool papers. I love this one called Trellis (in navy)....and I also love this interiors inspiration board they put together.  I'd buy all these but the mug (?). I think it is the handle that's weird for me - too big. I pulled this picture from one of their blog posts from September.