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Paris - Post #2

Julie Dodds

Next stop after our failed Catacomb's tour (we were too late) was the cheese stop. So many good cheeses, bread and wine available there.  We found a place alongside an outdoor food market to take a food break. It was our lunch, and thoroughly met any expectation I had about French cheese. so so good. It immediately made me think of the line "The cheese stands alone, the cheese stands alone, Hi ho the deery-o, the cheese stands alone". I titled this instagram accordingly. 

We went to the Louvre for a couple of hours - where I didn't even see the Mona Lisa. I felt smug about that fact. I saw many other paintings of women, and I didn't even miss her. Eric and I both agree that paintings at great or small scale really impress us. To accurately proportion grossly magnified or intricately minimized art each show an astounding handle on the subject matter. 

We went on a river cruise on the Seine at 8pm. The sun was out and warming everything up. It was a little over an hour, and we really enjoyed it - a relaxed way to see the Eiffel Tower and other sights along the river. 

Supper was at a place called Saturne - a small swanky restaurant where they seated us in the window facing the quaint street. We had 6 courses I believe. Fabulous food and 2 dessert courses which I loved. 

Our airbnb place was adorable, and surprisingly quiet for the location. 

The next morning we hit up a bakery of course for another chocolat croissant before hopping on the train to the Normandy coast.