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Let's Talk Clothes

Julie Dodds

I have some thoughts surrounding clothes, but haven’t found what I feel is right for me…yet. I have within the last couple of months been thinking through excess. This isn’t groundbreaking as there are books and blogs out there relating to this exact topic.  I haven’t read them because I don’t want to measure this by someone else’s experience. Some excess finds itself in the form of clothing, home goods and renovation, vacation, food and drinks – all of which I’m trying to evaluate for my life.  I’m trying not to use comparison to come to what my definition of excess is. This is hard. Really hard. What is my measure? (hint: I DON’T KNOW). Does that mean I’m an extreme couponer (I hope to God this is not what it means!)? Does it mean giving all my stuff away?!?! What is ok to accept as “this  _____ is a good thing” and meant to be enjoyed and appreciated and shared. Is that what it means? Sharing the good? I hope I’m being a good sharer of blessings in my life.

What I do know is that most “Christians” and other good middle/upper class members in our society don’t look like Jesus in the amount of stuff we have.  The American Dream isn’t what He was about, and I don’t want it to be what I’m about either. I don’t think I TRY to accumulate stuff for the sake of stuff. I love a bargain, I love good food. I love the idea of a beautiful home.

This is how I’m trying to combat my pension for shopping. Not, shopping (as much). I don’t do window shopping all that well. I haven’t been into Anthro in like 2 months! And I almost threw away my Free People magazine before looking at it…almost.

So, anyway…..I am in this process, and I’m letting you in to hear about it. I don’t have my answer, and I probably won’t tell you if I find mine, because I believe it is truer if you find your own definition. My guess is that this evolves over time, so start the marathon, because the sprint isn’t going to cut it.