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This is the stuff of dreams


I have weird dreams. Often. Usually they are not too long, and I normally only give my husband the respective recap (as well as to tell him he’s the man of all of my dreams…wink wink) Last night was no exception.

I dreamed of gliders. Like airplane gliders. We saw one about a month ago, and it is obviously still floating around in my subconscious. Here is the weird thing. I voluntarily let a 5-year-old harness me to the glider and thought nothing of it. Not only me, but I also convinced my 37 week's pregnant friend to come along with me. She seemed fine with the whole thing except for the cost of the ride.

We glided along for a while before we started getting worried about how much this ride was costing us, so I flagged down our pilot. We landed on a big rock at the top of a mountain and I asked him how much the glider flight would be. He said multiply the digits of your phone number by 4, and that is the price. Even in my dream I knew that sounded absurd.  I protested so he settled on $1,300.00. We immediately un-harnessed ourselves. Well at least we got a test ride for free; which is great except I felt like I had left a restaurant without tipping or something. Who knew that a 5-year-old could cause such guilt.

Back at home my friend hopped on my husband’s Honda trail-bike, zoomed off, and hit a school bus 30 seconds later. From a distance I could see a head literally detached from a body. Before you think I’m getting wildly graphic and inappropriate, the school bus was not full of children – it was a bus full of mannequins. What?! What kind of weird prank dream is this?! That’s all I’ve got. Welcome to weirdo world. The end.

On a happier more normal note:

I went to a foodie event called Euphoria this weekend. A perfect weather kind-of-night with farm tables large enough to seat 12 with eclectic jars, simple flowers, awesome food and fun companionship. Blackberry Farms and High Cotton put out some amazing food. The grilled octopus & fingerling potato salad, the cedar planked wild salmon, the squash casserole and the honey glazed turnips (and the faro salad…and the strudel and blue cheese cake, oh,and the okra) were my favorites. That was only about ¼ of the menu by the way. I consumed more food than I do at a typical Thanksgiving celebration if that is an indication to how much I enjoyed it. Come ye thankful people come.