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The Untidy Garden Blog

Signed, Sealed, and Not Quite Delivered


Today I went home for lunch, made a smoothie, started a Jillian Michael’s 30-day shred video: level 3, didn't finish, and got a "sorry we missed you" message from the USPS. This is regarding my Willow business cards that I rush ordered so that I could get them before my trip.

Well, I went to the post office to pick it up because that is what the card said to do - not thinking about how my package is still in the post-man's truck. The lady at the post-office is a heartless soul. I take that back. I think she is warming up to me. I plunked down my notice and said, "I got one-a-these today."

This is when I realize that they won’t have it back at the post office yet….so Deb said I could pick it up at 11am tomorrow. I'm leaving town at 8am, so that won't be possible, Deb. So I asked Debbie downer if I could come back at 4:59pm to see if my guy showed up. She said no.

Now, I realize I don’t need my business cards in NYC this weekend. What am I going to do, give them to some New Yorkers in case they happen to come to Greenville and happen to need flowers? No thanks-my new cards don’t want to see the inner workings of Brooklyn’s public waste division. But that's beside the point. I rush-shipped them, as in, paid extra; so I really wanted to get them before I left. just. in. case.

After lunch I had to go to the Big Bank for work. Fortunately, I go to the Big Bank almost every day, so my teller-lady-friends sympathized with my saga and asked for my cell number in case he showed up (I live pretty close to the Big Bank, so I thought they might be on the mailman's route).

Undeterred, I started driving down Main Street looking for him. I was almost back to work when I spotted a vacant postal vehicle, cranked a u-turn and parked close by. I peeked in the windows to read the addresses on the mail to see if this was my guy. A man in a postal uniform started to cross the street a block away from me. He was the driver of the truck, but he was not the one who delivers to my mailbox. He said he did know who delivered to my box, however. I said, “It’s the guy with dreadlocks, I knew it.” Our mailbox is on our porch, and he's on our route, so I've met him several times. So I asked him where I could find my man.

Roadblock: he said he couldn’t give that information but told me that he would still be close to my neighborhood.

He asked where I was traveling, so when I said Brooklyn, he said, well Dreads is a big Yankees fan, so mention that when you see him. Yahoo. I’m on my way. I was on my 5th street when we passed each other (going opposite directions). I u-turned again and pulled in to where he was and said, “Hey you! How is it going?” He said, HEY how ya been, gave me a hug and we caught up. Then he said - hey I have an express package for you. (Saweet! He may not have to find out to what lengths I went to find him unless the Big Bank ladies do what I asked them to do.)

I told him I needed my express package because I was going to Brooklyn (*wink wink).So now I have my business cards and a new friend.

Everyone is a winner today, folks.