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The Untidy Garden Blog

Remembering D-Day

Julie Dodds

On this Memorial day I would love to tell you about my upcoming France trip. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for sure. You may or may not know that the 70th anniversary of D-Day is this coming June.  Eric’s grandfather is the last survivor of his 397 man unit – a unit that stormed the French beach of Omaha that sixth day of June seventy years ago. Papa (and Nana) are well enough to travel to the anniversary! He will be honored at an event in England as well as in Normandy. There are going to be a bagillion people at the anniversary, but I am SO, so, so, so excited to be able to witness history here. This is probably the last major anniversary that soldier survivors will be present. My grandfather flew his P38 lightning at D-Day as well, so this day is especially poignant for me as he is no longer living. In addition, my dad has taught both World and American History to high school students for over 40 years; and I feel a sense of duty to him as well. I want to represent; I want to hear again how timely the battle of Normandy was to the world at large.  How if the Nazis had won that day we would be living in a far, far different world today.  I want to show them I haven’t forgotten their sacrifice. I want them to know we still need to hear testimony from these men and women from the “Greatest Generation”.  Their stories matter, their work matters, their lives matter.