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The Untidy Garden Blog

Preparing for Subscribers

Julie Dodds

I have been mulling over subscription ideas for almost 2 years now. It seemed like there could be a demand for flower arrangement gifts. Working from studio space means I don't keep flowers on hand all the time, but people often ask me to create 'gift' arrangements for special occasions. I always want my arrangements to be fresh, seasonal, and local if at all possible. My clients want the feeling of spontaneity as well as really cool flowers.

I'm excited to say that I'm officially offering flower gift subscriptions! You can see all of the details on my new gifts page.

As a way to elevate this floral gift idea, I contacted Jennifer at Crave Studio to collaborate with me. I told her my idea to do floral subscriptions, and we concocted a really unique gift idea: beautiful, unique flower arrangements in a custom clay vessel designed especially for this project. She cast the prototype a couple of weeks ago, and has been hard at work getting more vessels ready for me (and my customers!). They are so beautiful, and the technique so interesting. Each of the vessels from this run will be slightly different. We plan to create a couple of different designs of vessels for our subscribers to keep things fresh. 

This is new territory for me. My friends, family and fellow Greenvillians have shown such tremendous support to Willow Florals, and for that, I thank you all. I hope this can be a fun project. Below are some pictures of yours truly arranging a gift in the prototype vessel.