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On Turning 30

The Untidy Garden Blog

On Turning 30

Julie Dodds

Look - I don't really get the hype about joining a new decade, but I do have a few things I'd like to say. 


My life is different than I thought it would be; and I love it. My husband, job and life are wonderful blessings. 

Here are 30 things about me you may/probably/maybe didn't already know about me.

Love to travel....I've searched flights to Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick just today - flights are expensive right now, fyi. 

Favorite color is Green - every room needs some green

I/we aren't pet people; and am fine with that. 

I mountain bike now? weird. 

Love bad fast food like Taco Bell and Bojangles

Love to act in a local play someday - or a movie, but I think a play might be doable

Great at napping - 15-30 minute naps are my sweet spot. 

Feel really blessed to do my job. flowers. who doesn't love em? 

Hate indecision

Wish I was better at trivia games

Probably cook less than I think I do

Typically spend 15 minutes or less getting ready for the day (or any event really)

Love down syndrome people!

Like to wear patterned pants/shorts

Waiting for that knee surgery 11 years ago to catch up to me now that I'm 30

Takes me most of the day to finish a beverage more than 8oz (not including water)

Still think my cheeks are chubby even if they aren't - old photos never die, folks

99% of the time I know exactly what I want to eat

Worst musician in my family, but once won a piano duet competition (and played it front of a couple of thousand people)

Never had a membership to a gym

Not an accessories girl

Hate bare walls

Hope to run a second marathon someday

But not before August, because NEWS!!!!!

Our BABY is due in August.

Eric will officially be a Doddfather now. 

We are not finding out the gender

We have names picked out ready to go

Yes we are excited, yes we realize our life is about to CHANGE

I'm 30!!!!!, I'm pregnant!!!!!!!!!!! and I'm excited about 2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!