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Flower Farm Foraging


I recently went on an early morning excursion to get some flowers from upstate flower grower Dianne. She has a flower farm out in Woodruff, SC. I don't often get up before the sun, but sometimes it is so worth it. This was such a time especially since it is also primo time flowers need to be harvested. I even got my friend and photographer Jessica Barley to come along. She also brought her camera to shoot a few shots of me getting what I needed. We had so much fun traipsing around Dianne's property. She has so many great flowers and varieties. The morning was still cool, and we were out of there before 8:30am. On our way out there was a neighboring cow who was the keeper of the gate - see below. :) Thanks to A Darling Day  for snapping these pics. Flower Farm Adventure-7 Flower Farm Adventure-10

Flower Farm Adventure-46

Flower Farm Adventure-12

Flower Farm Adventure-4


Flower Farm Adventure-45

Flower Farm Adventure-44

Flower Farm Adventure-43

Flower Farm Adventure-40 Flower Farm Adventure-29

Flower Farm Adventure-24

Flower Farm Adventure-15

Flower Farm Adventure-47