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Flower Farm Foraging


I recently went on an early morning excursion to get some flowers from upstate flower grower Dianne. She has a flower farm out in Woodruff, SC. I don't often get up before the sun, but sometimes it is so worth it. This was such a time especially since it is also primo time flowers need to be harvested. I even got my friend and photographer Jessica Barley to come along. She also brought her camera to shoot a few shots of me getting what I needed. We had so much fun traipsing around Dianne's property. She has so many great flowers and varieties. The morning was still cool, and we were out of there before 8:30am. On our way out there was a neighboring cow who was the keeper of the gate - see below. :) Thanks to A Darling Day  for snapping these pics. Flower Farm Adventure-7 Flower Farm Adventure-10

Flower Farm Adventure-46

Flower Farm Adventure-12

Flower Farm Adventure-4


Flower Farm Adventure-45

Flower Farm Adventure-44

Flower Farm Adventure-43

Flower Farm Adventure-40 Flower Farm Adventure-29

Flower Farm Adventure-24

Flower Farm Adventure-15

Flower Farm Adventure-47


Brides against Spoiled Brats


So I am going to participate in Brides Against Breast Cancer. I did this last year and boy – was it a treat. And by treat, I mean they had AMAZING dresses. Let me remind you that I was engaged last year they did this event. I was engaged and already had all my vendors lined up AND had a dress. A lovely, low back just-like-I-wanted wedding dress. But then!  I looked, I saw and lusted after some of these designer dresses selling at a fraction of their retail cost. I did my job at my booth, but I knew I had to try a couple of them on. Why would I do that when I like my dress already?! I was having a wedding dress affair; at least an emotional one. I had this internal battle – you should love your dress, you only get this chance once verses don’t be that girl that has 2 dresses – you’re not that girl that buys more than one wedding dress.

I was very torn up about this, so to help alleviate some of the pressure, I quickly posted my current dress online to see if anyone would take it off my hands (at the same price I bought it for, of course).  I refreshed a bunch of times, but to no avail.  So then I had a moment of hey, what's the deal? No one else thinks my dress is cool? I’m the only one? I'm going to be wearing a dress that no one else seems to think is cool because if it was, it would have sold in a heartbeat -all these insecurities. Geez. So I had to make a decision. What bride was I going to be? The bratty one? The practical one? I was the one who says, you wear it once and it will be out of style in a few years regardless of the cool factor now. The one who said, I do love my dress. I like that it has this low back and I get to wear a long veil and a necklace that draped down the back. I wanted to be that girl, so I didn't give in.

PS – if you know someone who needs a dress (or a vendor ahem florist), go to this event. Not only does it go to a great cause of fighting breast cancer, but the dresses are gorgeous and the price points unbeatable.






Engagement Rings Ring in the New Year


Congratulations to all you newly engaged couples out there. I got engaged during the holidays, and it really was a magical time with lights and parties and new sparkly bling to show off. My ring was custom designed by a jeweler in Texas. I hadn’t told Eric what I wanted, nor did my mom or sisters know anything about my ring preferences. He was on his own. Boy did he do an amazing job. Big round center diamond, pave diamonds surrounding it with a blinged out band. It was gorgeous. He proposed to me on his birthday on the top of a building downtown which happened to be the same place he asked me to date him. We even braved the chilly December evening to ride our tandem bike down Main St to our engagement party.

This is not the point of my story.

A few months later…..9 days before our wedding to be exact….I lost my diamond - er, the whole ring rather. I was at the office on a Thursday twirling my ring around my finger and the thought crossed my mind that I might need to size my ring down just a bit; then I went about the rest of my day. After work I went to the bachelor pad/soon to be home and started cleaning out kitchen cupboards. We threw away old Tupperware and duplicate pans and gnarly looking spatulas. We worked all pretty late into the evening until we were too hungry to continue. We chose the cheap Mexican establishment a mile from our house. While eating our chips and salsa I realized my ring was no longer on my finger…..I sort of panicked. I sort of searched the entire restaurant asking servers and managers if they had seen a ring. I sort of put on a head lamp to search outside the car, outside the house – you get the picture.

We emptied indoor trashcans and the big garbage can outside until finally we abandoned the search for the night. We continued the agonizing search over the next two days. Unfortunately, we also had a full truckload of various items from our bathroom remodel, and we emptied every last thing from off of the truck, and then back on the truck - all to no avail.

I didn’t know where else to look.

That Saturday we attended a wedding where I did my best to hide my left hand from any suspicious guests. In the car I was once again (tearfully) apologizing to my fiance’ about how irresponsible I felt, how sorry I was that I had lost something so valuable. He responded in the sweetest way I could have imagined. He said – I’ll look for the ring as long as you want me to, but I don’t value it as much as I value our relationship. No one, especially not me, should make you feel worse than you already feel about this. I want our relationship to be a safe place for you; one where you can tell me anything and I won’t be upset or angry

How liberating is that?!

I love that man. He is more than good to me.

The sad news is that I never found the ring. The good news is that we had insurance on it. I still think a squirrel stole it, so I keep my eye out in the neighborhood. Maybe someday it will turn up, and you’ll be the first (or second) to know.

So to all you newly engaged couples, my advice to you is to #1 – size that ring! #2 – marry someone who responds like my husband responded and #3 – don’t clean out anything the week before your wedding.

Happy New Year!

Replacement sparkly ("old" band plus the new set)