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The Untidy Garden Blog

Brooklyn Part 1: Grab Your Bags and Coat. I Am Heading North.


Friday, August 10th: After a short drive up to Charlotte, NC, I parked my car and shuttled in to the airport. I arrived at 10:50am. There was a message on my phone courtesy of Delta that said my flight would be delayed for 2 hours. Almost immediately after receiving the first message, I  received another one saying we would be delayed 4 hours. Yay.

I debated leaving and driving to Ikea or the mall or someplace else, but they hook you by saying "If we receive clearance from traffic control we will leave sooner." I was NOT going to sit at my gate for 4 hours so I walked to every terminal in the airport. I bought a reader’s digest and some shampoo at the Body Shop. I thought it sounded like a good deal at $4 and realized that I hadn't paid $4 for the giant bottle of Pantene in my bathroom at home….so, I grabbed some sample face-wash wet wipe cloths, wrapped them in paper towel and thus justified my $4  shampoo purchase. (I re-wet those guys and they worked like a champ, by the way.)

I ate at a restaurant that was pretty quiet and that had the Olympics on tv. My calamari Caesar salad was nothing to write home about. I went to TCBY which made me chilly, so I went to Starbucks after that. I sat down and watched youtube videos to pass the time. I read the reader’s digest cover to cover, then checked back in at the gate to find out we were being delayed yet again.

And for good measure, we were delayed 1 more time after that.

Nobody likes delays and everyone experiences them from time to time. I had a good attitude for about the first 4 hours I was there….I called some of the florists I had set up meetings with to tell them I wouldn't be able to come Friday. I arrived to LaGuardia at 7:45 with a critically low phone battery. I had done what my husband advised me to do and took screen shots of my subway directions because as you may guess, you don't get service down there. Since I was not familiar with the area and the map said it would take me an hour to get to my destination, I decided to take a cab to the place I was staying. Being in a NY subway with a dead phone and no way to contact anyone didn’t sound like the kind of adventure I wanted to have that night.

Finally, I arrived at my Airbnb destination. (Airbnb is couch-surfing of sorts, just much higher class.) The apartment I chose was not a shared space but the entire 500sq ft studio. My hostess was nice and her place was cute and quirky. It had all the comforts of home, except air conditioning...which we will cover in Part 2 :)

Here are some pictures of my digs: