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The Untidy Garden Blog

Brides against Spoiled Brats


So I am going to participate in Brides Against Breast Cancer. I did this last year and boy – was it a treat. And by treat, I mean they had AMAZING dresses. Let me remind you that I was engaged last year they did this event. I was engaged and already had all my vendors lined up AND had a dress. A lovely, low back just-like-I-wanted wedding dress. But then!  I looked, I saw and lusted after some of these designer dresses selling at a fraction of their retail cost. I did my job at my booth, but I knew I had to try a couple of them on. Why would I do that when I like my dress already?! I was having a wedding dress affair; at least an emotional one. I had this internal battle – you should love your dress, you only get this chance once verses don’t be that girl that has 2 dresses – you’re not that girl that buys more than one wedding dress.

I was very torn up about this, so to help alleviate some of the pressure, I quickly posted my current dress online to see if anyone would take it off my hands (at the same price I bought it for, of course).  I refreshed a bunch of times, but to no avail.  So then I had a moment of hey, what's the deal? No one else thinks my dress is cool? I’m the only one? I'm going to be wearing a dress that no one else seems to think is cool because if it was, it would have sold in a heartbeat -all these insecurities. Geez. So I had to make a decision. What bride was I going to be? The bratty one? The practical one? I was the one who says, you wear it once and it will be out of style in a few years regardless of the cool factor now. The one who said, I do love my dress. I like that it has this low back and I get to wear a long veil and a necklace that draped down the back. I wanted to be that girl, so I didn't give in.

PS – if you know someone who needs a dress (or a vendor ahem florist), go to this event. Not only does it go to a great cause of fighting breast cancer, but the dresses are gorgeous and the price points unbeatable.