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The Untidy Garden Blog

Messes and some insightful words on failure.

Julie Dodds

A lot of bloggers, designers and makers use this phrase "a beautiful mess". It's great. Really. I understand it 100%. My work is 95% messy in the flower world. SO not glam. Lots of buckets and lifting and moving and stems all over the place. I have been following the sister team of A Beautiful Mess for a few years now, and have enjoyed watching them continue to create and grow. They were interviewed by Design Sponge recently (read about it here), and I like how they phrased this - "Failure is a funny thing because, if you treat it right, it just morphs into a lesson learned." If you treat it right. I like that. Do you need to shake something off? Change something you're doing? Say you're sorry for something? Ask someone for help? Treat the failure and it will morph into a lesson learned.