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The Untidy Garden Blog


Julie Dodds

I have completed 2 practice packs for France. I want to feel at least somewhat fashiony and glam, you know? (it’s PARIS people!) But I also want to be comfortable and definitely not too touristy. Also, I don’t want to pack too much. Easy. Hah. The first time around I did ok, I guess. I put it all in a backpack and it didn’t feel too heavy. Then I bought a new dress… I know….. Was that necessary?! It was on sale with an additional 30% off…It is black, comfortable and "I WILL WEAR IT EVERY DAY IN EUROPE". I am an adult with no reason to convince anyone but myself of my sensible purchase, but I feel the need to do so. So even though I initially stated this from my dressing room as a joke, I do actually plan on wearing it every day. Seriously. It meets all of my requirements plus some. I plan to bring some scarves, cardigans and a belt; but that is my plan. Unless I am involved in an activity, I’ll be in that dress….I’m going to try to document this, so stay tuned. I’m hoping there are no unfortunate rips/malfunctions because my alternative is going to be yoga pants or hiking pants. (The overnight flight will be in yoga pants fyi). 

dress photo.JPG